Propaganda isn’t going anywhere

by Amanda Almonord

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Propaganda. It’s a word that we’re all familiar with. It’s the spreading of information or rumors to help or harm a group of people or a movement. Usually, when the word comes to mind, images of Rosie the Riveter and Uncle Sam urging me to join the army pop up.

Now when the word comes to mind, the phrase “fake news” is all we think of. Fake news is problematic but it’s hard for us not to refer to it when it pops up everywhere. Just this week a group of people published and distributed fake editions of the Washington Post with an article stating that the president had resigned. Unsurprisingly, some people were confused and thought that the fake papers were real.

Some believe that media literacy can solve this issue. I don’t believe that it will solve the problem of propaganda in the media. Instead, I believe that it will help people shift through which sources are credible and those that are not. Propaganda isn’t going anywhere. It’s an effective tool that is simple enough to use.

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